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Freeview Digital TV Aerial Installations


Our engineer will provide you with the correct type of TV aerial that you require to receive Freeview Digital TV. The cable which is an integral part of the installation ( just as important as the aerial itself ) will be of a high standard and of an approved type.

All cabling will be fitted using discreet cabling methods and fitted to a high standard.

If you live more than about 20 miles from a main UHF TV transmitter, fitting a loft TV aerial is unlikely to provide perfect analogue TV or Freeview reception. In fact, indoor Freeview aerials may give poor reception even in locations quite close to a television transmitter, depending on local terrain.

For example, the presence of nearby obstructions or screening from trees may result in a weak television signal or a Freeview reception problem leading to picture break up.



Digital Freeview TV aerial Installations for LESS!


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Local Aerial Fitter | Local aeriel fitter



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